Following the world trends in food, we offer products into which we have integrated experience, knowledge and creativity.


Our company is dealing with development, production and packaging of powder-based food products. Our production lines are suitable for making both powder products as well as tablets. We can produce them in small quantity as well, in a cost effective way and in good quality. The product range of Open Trading Group .Ltd consists of powder food and vending products. In the powder food group there is a wide product range consisting of: fruit-flavored powder dinks, instant coffee, instant tea’s, hot chocolate, instant cocoa, powder milk, fruit milkshakes and specially developed vending products (coffee, milk, chocolate and tea’s).



Open Trdaing Group .Ltd

Who We Are?

Open Trading Group .Ltd stands for innovation and quality. This is the core of who we are and defines everything that we do. It is for this reason that our products are carefully researched and developed. We are a manufacturer, distributor and marketer of quality food products. Our business is built upon the conviction that, in order to sustain success, we must relentlessly challenge ourselves to create exceptional value for us and for all our customers. We specialize in creating private label brands for retailer’s distributors, supermarkets importers and manufacturer’s new brand owners just starting out.

Why Choose Us?

* Retailers and Distributors - who wants to save time and money developing their private label branded beverages, who need to lower the cost of the project making it faster and cheaper, who need to save money without hiring any additional staff for the project;
* Brand Owners and Marketers - who want to take their product to next level with optimizing production chain, managing operations and logistics;
* Food Companies - who need help with European regulation, beverages production management, optimization of beverages production chain and logistics.

Professional Team

Our Advantages:
* We can transform your idea to reality with our extensive knowledge in beverages development and production management;
* We will save you time and money using our expertise in beverages, coffee and vending industry, we will enable you to launch your product faster, optimizing production chain, lowering your expenses for production or additional staff;
* We will reduce your project cost with optimizing supply chain, sourcing for best suitable suppliers;
* We will provide you the best possible pricing using our established partners all over the world.