Complete solution to develop and package new powder-based food products

What We Offer?

At Open Trading Group besides manufacturing and selling its own products we are able to provide private label and product development for local and overseas market. Our modern processing technology fitted to produce different specifications to suit our customer's requirement.
Our in house research and quality assurance team work closely with our customers to ensure product consistency, quality and innovation. We make our products that belong to the group of food or nutritional supplements according to the EU regulations and these products don't require any special license to be able to get into the market. 
Our raw materials and auxiliary materials are thoroughly examined and only those that are of approved quality can be used in production. 
We have a wide range of packaging methods such as foil, plastic cans, paper box and display cartons.
Open Trading Group Ltd. is a well known own label producer both in retail and in drink vending branch in the category of instant drink powders. Besides we have considerable developments in functional food as well as in sport nutritional supplement category.

There is a continuous development in the market of own label products, it is a major element of our long-term business strategy to get a share in it. 
As a producer we can provide you complete solution to develop new products from selecting the raw materials as well as the packaging that is suited to the product and is in harmony with the currently valid Food Legislation. We take great care of quality, reliability and the competitive price to value ratio.